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We are looking for leaders and hosts for "The Journey."  If you are interested in serving in one of

these areas, please contact us at

What a Leader does/is:

1.   Works with a coach/overseer from the Journey.

2.   Is the spiritual leader of the small group.

3.   Facilitates group discussion and group participation.

4.   Models and shares spiritual truth in the context of grace and authenticity.

5.   Understands and embraces the vision of the Journey as a movement to make disciples and

reach people for Christ.

6.   Provides and organizes pastoral support for group members.

7.   Develops leaders for future Journey groups.

What a hosts does/is:

1.   Hosts a group of 10-15 people in your home, business, or other neutral site on a weekly basis.

2.   Creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere for members and guests.

3.   Provides or organizes snacks, drinks, or a meal if desired by the group.

4.   Works with the leader to communicate with the group regularly through email, phone,

cards, etc.

5.   Participates in the discussions, activities, and mission of the group.

Training Videos for leaders:

Session 1:  A Spiritual (15:48)

Session 2:  What Makes You (11:35)

Session 3:  Definition of a (13:11)