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What is “THE JOURNEY?”

“The Journey” studies life in a conversational setting.  Small groups explore a spiritual journey and

personal transformation not entrapped by religion, institution, or tradition.  Rather, we emphasize the

basic principle that life is about relationships.

The Journey meets in your neighborhood.  Come as you are.  You won’t feel embarrassed or out of

place.  The process is not pushy or invasive.  Some describe “The Journey” as church the way Jesus

intended it.  But it won’t be like any church you’ve ever attended.

If you would like to explore the Journey, send us your name, zip code, email address, and phone

number.  We will give you information about a group meeting in your neighborhood.


Meeting Locations open to the public:


Arlington (South)



Flower Mound


Meeting Locations open to employees of:

American Airlines (SRO)

Bedford Police Department

Meeting locations change rapidly as our network multiplies.  Please email your inquiry about a

group meeting close to you.

Don’t be afraid to start your own group.  We provide training and support.